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Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc.                   Newsletter Issue #19 - July 2016



"To do all things necessary or proper to 

aid in improving the education, economic opportunities, living 

environment and general welfare of the people........"















Duke Energy in Action

Lucille Chalmers


Lucille Chalmers of Hoke County, North Carolina, was very pleased when her new appliances were delivered to her home.  Duke Energy's Helping Home Fund is a program that allows SCFS to replace old, inefficient, and unsafe appliances with newer, safer appliances that are Energy Star compliant.  Ms. Chalmers stated that she lives on a fixed income.  If her appliances stopped working, she would either have to go in debt or buy a used appliance because new appliances were not within her budget.  She was very pleased with the Energy Star appliances that were delivered and installed in her home.  Ms. Chalmers received a new stove and Energy Star rated refrigerator, washing machine, and clothes dryer.


If you are a Duke Energy customer with an annual income that does not exceed 200% of the poverty income guidelines, please call your local Neighborhood Service Center at (910) 277-3525 to apply for assistance! 



SCFS, Inc. Welcomes 

2016-2017 Board Chair

Bernest L. Hewett


Bernest Hewett retired from Waste Industries in 1999 and was elected as President of the Brunswick County Branch of the NAACP in the same year, where he has served for over 10 years. He has received numerous awards such as: President of the Year in 2013, The Water Welsh Award, the Value Service Award and the Executive Leadership Training Award. Mr. Hewett also served on the Advisory Board of Brunswick County Schools, Brunswick County Branch of the Black Caucus, and the Democratic Headquarters Board. Mr. Hewett is the proud son of the late Robert and Ina Hewett. He is married to Glenda and they have two children, Adrian and Shana, and two grandchildren, Isaiah and Jakoby.




SCFS, Inc. 

Welcomes Board Treasurer 

Cynthia Demery


Cynthia Demery has been an entrepreneur and a service provider since 2012. She currently owns and operates a preservations company called Prime Time Preservations LLC where she offers services for various mortgage companies and banks. Ms. Demery holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education and a Master of General Administration degree from Central Michigan University and a Master of Leadership from Luther Rice University. Ms. Demery was formerly employed as the Director of Education at Med-Tech Institute, an allied health corporation. She has also served as an Account Manager with Delta Airlines. Ms. Demery has over 10 years of nonprofit experience as she served as a community organizer through the Georgia Campaign for Adolescence Pregnancy Prevention (GCAPP) which also appeared on E! Television Entertainment. Ms. Demery was responsible for the induction of hands on math and science programs in the Atlanta Public School system (APS) through a nonprofit organization called Girls, Inc. In addition, she currently volunteers at the assistant living facility in her local community and organizes community feed the homeless events twice a month.








SCFS, Inc. Welcomes Board Secretary

Scott Witten


Scott Witten lives in Laurinburg and represents the Scotland County Branch of the NAACP on the board of directors for Southeastern Community and Family Services.

Scott has been a journalist for more than 25 years, serving as managing editor of The Robesonian newspapaer as well as editor of The Laurinburg Exchange, The Red Springs Citizen and the St. Pauls Review.

A native of Newport News, VA, he attended the Douglas Byrd High School in Fayetteville and The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.




July Birthdays


To Our SCFS Employees:


Natonja Jackson

Ida Vereen

Brenda Carol Greer

Denita Campbell

Mary Peguese

Cynthia Dudley

Barbara Baker

Crystal Oxendine

Hidianna Chisolm

Deloise Thompson

Betty Cox

Connie Frink

Sharon Britt

Bobbie Demery

Shelia Pipkin

Jacqueline Baldwin

Edna Horne






Welcome Our Newest Team Members!


1. Sharon Powers-Accounting Clerk


2. Bonnie Jenerette-Teacher, Mt.Olive HS


3. Iris Cousar-transfer to Laurinburg HS;


4. Brenda McKenzie-Kitchen Manager, Mt. Olive HS  




Upcoming August Events





AT&T Internet Launch

July 28, 2016;

Robeson County DSS

Employee Kick-Off & Service Awards Program 

August 12, 2016

Robeson Community College, ADL Auditorium




Welcome to the 19th edition of our newsletter. We are now more than half way through our summer. Now we start to count down the days until school starts again and the weather begins to cool. But before we get that far lets focus on the present. Lets focus on our children. While there are many ways to help our children, in this newsletter we are going to take a look at summer vacation and something called: Summer Learning Loss. It is an important aspect of our children's lives and it occurs to many every year for three months. Below you can read more about Summer Learning Loss. You can also read more about our great opportunities available, like the AT&T Internet Program or the Duke Energy Helping Home Fund. As summer continues remember to be safe and drink plenty of water. Enjoy your summer and have a wonderful rest of the year.





Duke Energy Helping Home Fund



Duke Energy launched the Helping Home Fund in North Carolina in January 2015.  The program is designed to assist low-income Duke Energy customers with managing their energy costs by making energy efficiency improvements at the customer's residence.  Through this program Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc. can replace inefficient with Energy Star rated appliances.  Appliances that may be replaced through this program include:



Clothes Washer

Clothes Dryer

Room Air Conditioners



Minor health and safety repairs may also be performed which include hot water heater replacement, safe ingress and egress from the structure, or electrical issues.


To qualify for assistance you must have an active account with Duke Energy and have an annual income that is at or below 200% of the poverty income guidelines as listed below:


Persons in   Household/Family  

Helping Home Fund Qualified Income At or Below

























Why Summer Matters


What is Summer Learning Loss?

Summer Learning Loss occurs during the academic summer break. During these three months, children and teens lose many of the skills that they learned throughout the previous nine months of school. Every summer many students lose two to three months in reading and most lose about two months of math skills.


What causes Summer Learning Loss?

There are many factors that can cause summer learning loss. Just a lack of educational stimulation throughout the summer can cause kids to forget the important things they've learned


Who is affected?

Many kids are affected by summer learning loss. As said previously, just by not having any stimulation. The hardest hit group are kids in low-income families attending public school. Instead of relaxing and enjoying summer, they struggle to find and afford food to eat and a safe place to be. This causes them to be stressed adding to the increase their education loss.


How does it affect?

By losing some of that previous school year, students go into the next year unprepared and overwhelmed. As told earlier many students lose months of reading and math. These reading and math losses add up. By fifth grade, summer learning loss can leave students 2 1/2 to 3 years behind. This becomes a continual crisis that creates an achievement gap and increased the chances of dropping out of school. Research shows that while gaps in student achievement remain relatively constant during the school year, the gaps widen significantly during the summer. Then the opportunity gap increases, which college, future employment, and life success.


How prevent summer learning loss?

Whether your child loves to read or play outside there are many fun but effective ways to promote learning over the break. There are several ways to include learning into your summer plans

  • Take a trip to your local library
  • Read a chapter in the morning, when your child is used to learning and before other plans cause distraction
  • Set aside time for your student to read each day during the summer break -- 15 to 30 minutes per day is all it takes.
  • By working on just three to four math problems per day during the summer you can prevent students' math skills from getting rusty.
  • Creative writing is a great way to improve a student's written language skills while giving them a fun and imaginative activity during the summer.






©2016 National Summer Learning Association

© 2016 George Lucas Educational Foundation. All Rights Reserved.






AT&T Internet Program



SCFS, Inc. recently partnered with AT&T to spread the word about the NEW discounted AT&T Internet program for low income individuals. On Thursday, July 28, 2016, SCFS, Inc held an AT&T internet launch. This event was purposed to introduce low income individuals to the new program and enroll if interested.  Program pamphlets and flyers were provided to those in attendance.  As individuals learned about this program, light refreshments were served.


To be eligible for this program individuals must receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits and reside in one of ATT&T's 21 state servicing area.  If eligible, AT&T will assign the fastest speed tier available depending on the individuals address (actual service availability and speeds may vary depending on geographical location).


10 megabits/second, $10/month

5 megabits/second, $10/month

3 megabits/second, $5/month


To apply, visit Applications can be submitted online, mail or via email. 






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