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Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc.                   Newsletter Issue #19 - July 2016



"To do all things necessary or proper to 

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Welcome Back from the Head Start Director

Toni Brite


To the Staff, Families and Community,


On behalf of Southeastern Community and Family Services, Inc., it is truly my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you as we begin the 2016-2017 school year.  August and September is the time of year that we reconnect with our families and community representatives. To those students and parents who are new to SCFS, Inc. we extend an especially warm welcome and to our returning families we are glad to have you back for another exciting and productive year.  We hope that you will quickly feel at home and become involved in the activities of our school through our Parent meetings, Policy Council, Board of Directors or by volunteering in the classroom.


We are looking forward to a productive partnership with our parents and community to ensure our children can achieve their highest potential.  We recognize that in order to be successful in school our children need support from both the home and school.  We know a strong partnership with parents will make a great difference in your children's success and want you to know that we will do our very best to carry out our responsibilities.


Please consider joining our Head Start Volunteer program as our enrollees can greatly benefit from your from your involvement and contributions to the Head Start Program and its operations.  We seek volunteers to help us with the following activities:


  1. Reading with the children
  2. Assist teachers with instructional support in the classroom
  3. All Head Start events
  4. Outreach and recruitment of Head Start children
  5. Serve on the Policy Council and Parent Committee
  6. Helping your child(ren) with school work at home


If you have any questions concerning the Head Start Program please feel free to contact me or the staff at SCFS, Inc. It is very important that you and your child are fully informed regarding standards related to appropriate behavior for a safe and productive school year.




Tonie M. Brite

Tonie M. Brite

Head Start Director







Employee Spotlight 

Sharon Whitted


Sharon Whitted serves as the Housing Inspector for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.  Ms. Whitted is responsible for performing the initial, special, and annual inspections of all homes if any portion of the rent is being paid for through this program.  Homes must meet Housing Quality Standard (HQS) requirements as defined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

During the week of August 1, Ms. Whitted attended the Nan McKay & Associates conference in Albany, New York.  The successful completion of this course and subsequent test will result in Ms. Whitted being certified as a HQS Inspector.

This training was very informative and needed.  During the training, we visited a property in New York and conducted an inspection, stated Ms. Whitted.  Ms. Whitted also gained information about possible changes that may occur over the next three (3) years as it relates to HQS Standards.  This certification also qualifies Ms. Whitted to perform housing inspections on a wider scale, outside of the Section 8 environment.

Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc. is committed to providing our Section 8 customers and landlords with quality services.  This certification will only improve the quality of our services program-wide.




August Birthdays


To Our SCFS Employees:


Michael Lewis

Latrell Smith

Tammy Tew

Charlene Ward

Robin Ward

Jerry Merrick

Tonie Brite 

Angela Hunt

Wanda Mitchell

Tamara Monroe

Sharon Whitted

Marshield Marlowe



Welcome to the 19th edition of our newsletter. 








Making A Difference through Duke Energy's Helping Home Fund

Alfred Hart



Alfred Hart, a resident of Hoke County, celebrated his 93rd birthday in June.  Mr. Hart's daughter, Shirley Hart, assisted him in completing an application for assistance through Duke Energy's Helping Home Fund.  Mr. Hart was experiencing difficulty in getting in and out of his home.  His washing machine and clothes dryer had stopped working and had been removed from the home.


Through the funding provided through Duke Energy's Helping Home Fund, a ramp was installed at the side entrance of the home and handrails were installed on the front porch.  The installation of the ramp and handrails make entering and exiting the home much safer for Mr. Hart and his caregivers.  Shirley Hart told us that her father kept telling them to take the washer and dryer back because he just could not afford to pay for those on his budget.  He just could not believe that these Energy Star appliances were being provided to him at no cost.


Thanks to Duke Energy's Helping Home Fund program and the partnership with Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc., Mr. Hart is able to enter and exit his home safely.  He and his family can also take care of washing and drying his laundry without making a trip to the local laundry mat.  Mr. Hart is very appreciative and thankful for the assistance provided to him.










Social Health


What is social health?


Social Health deals with many different abilities. One is the ability to create personal relationships with others. Another is the ability to adapt and act well in different social situations. All people can have healthy relationships with one another. A health relationship has good communication skills, empathy, accountability, etc. On the other hand, unhealthy relationships have traits like being vindictive, withdrawn, and selfish. These attributes have a negative impact on one's social health.


Why is social health important?


Social health is important because building relationships is one of many important keys in life. Being able to meet new people and build and maintain those relationships can have a great impact on a person's life. Humans are social by nature. Many studies show that having friends and a good "social system" builds self-esteem and reduces depression. It can provide a sense of belonging and purpose, a better mood, lower stress, and even a longer life. It also provides an avenue of great experiences that many times are never forgotten. 





Program Spotlight: Lula's Success

Lula Graham


Lula Graham moved back to the Bladen County area to take care of her mother.  After returning to the area to care for her, her mother passed away.  Other family members needed her help.  Ms. Graham began caring for three of her grandchildren.  During this timeframe she had very little support from others in her family.  Later two of the grandchildren returned to live with their mother while the oldest grandchild remained with her.  The oldest grandchild is attending the local community college.

Ms. Graham came to the Elizabethtown Neighborhood Service Center because she needed financial assistance.  Her monthly income was not sufficient to meet the needs of herself and family.  She was enrolled in the Family Empowerment Self-Sufficiency (FESS) Program funded through the Community Services Block Grant Program.  Ms. Graham expressed an interest in finding work.  Her case manager, Mary Bellamy, evaluated her work history and experience and immediately began to make referrals to the Employment Security Commission and the Senior Aide Program.  She was also facing a financial crisis related to her housing.  Ms. Bellamy contacted various partners, none of which were able to assist her with her housing crisis. Since other sources of funding were not available to help her, her housing crisis was resolved through financial assistance provided through the FESS program.

Ms. Graham utilized the computers that are made available for customer use to apply for various open positions in Bladen County at the Elizabethtown site.  Ms. Bellamy assisted her with the searches and helped her to prepare for subsequent interviews.  Ms. Graham's hard work and diligence paid off.  She obtained a position with the Senior Aid Program.  This employment resulted in Ms. Graham's annual income rising above the poverty guidelines.  She and her family are safe and living in a stable environment.  Ms. Graham is excited about her future and is thankful for the assistance provided to her through Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc.







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