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Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc.                   Newsletter Issue #15 - January 2016



"To do all things necessary or proper to 

aid in improving the education, economic opportunities, living 

environment and general welfare of the people........"










CEO's Corner



Our health consists of so much more than how much we weigh or what size we wear. When I think of health, I consider the total make-up of our existence which is the mind, body & spirit. Holistic Health places an emphasis on the whole person and cannot be ignored. One is almost obsolete without the other. Typically January is the time of year when many of us set New Year's goals and the majority are probably centered around weight loss. According to Vox Media, 40 percent of Americans set New Year's resolutions, and 60 percent of those individuals fail. I have to admit that every year I decide to add or take something away from my life, and more than likely physical exercise is an addition. In the same context, I make it a point to spend more energy on also "exercising" my mind and spirit. In January 2015, I set a goal to travel to Hawaii for some rest and relaxation and I had the privilege of traveling to the Big Island of Kona in October, 2015. The flight was 16 hours long one-way, but the end result was worth every single hour traveled.  What I discovered while on this journey was that I am so much more than a physical being. It clicked that I spend so much energy ripping and running to a meeting or appointment and I wasn't dealing with reoccurring health issues that are a result of poor diet, exercise, and a lack of rest. While in Hawaii, I realized that if I concentrated more on my mind and spirit, inevitably my body, and its inability keep up with daily demands, would follow suit. Hawaii offered the simple pleasures of life.......great food, kind people, and a phenomenal scenery. As I talked to a few of the locals, I learned that many of them decided to relocate to Hawaii because they were healthier as a whole person. One couple stated they sold all of their possessions and bought a small home in Kona simply because they realized they were so much more relaxed in Hawaii. They managed to declutter their minds by spending more time discovering who they were as opposed to being overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of their former lifestyle. Additionally, they were able to eliminate health issues due to the local grown organic food options that are readily available. For me, that life changing moment was when I took a private helicopter ride over the Kohala Coast. The tour was majestic as we flew through the Kilauea Volcano, dipped in the valleys of the Kahola Mountains, and took in the breathtaking views of the black sand beaches and exotic rainforests. This tour was a monumental reflective experience for me. I decided in that very moment that I would leave all of my problems in the valley of the Kahola Mountains. It was almost as if the only reason I went to Hawaii was for that very moment when my mind, body and spirit connected on the tour. It was an enchanting encounter that I will never forget and I will forever treasure every experience. When I returned to North Carolina, I had a new attitude and decided that I would focus more on me. Although I had to come back to this mind cluttering, daily routine called life", Hawaii taught me that I am only one small creation that has the ability to make a significant difference in the lives of others, but first I had to take care of my own. That it was as equally important to take care of me first so that I could unselfishly give to others.  Understandably, this is a process takes a lot of work, and I often fall short and digress back to the life before Hawaii. When this happens I close my eyes and reflect back on the valley experience of the Kohola Mountains and somehow I discover a sense of peace all over again. In fact, writing this article has given me a renewed energy and put me back on track. I look forward to continuing the journey and hope it helps someone else start theirs. It is my hope that others can find their Kohola experience and become whole again in their mind, body and spirit.


The Mission Continues.......


Ericka J. Whitaker, M.S.A., C.E.O.


Kona, Hawaii





Invest in Your Health


6 Types of Health


Health is the state of well-being in which all of the components of health are in balance. Wellness is broken down into six major categories. To be truly healthy you must take care of all six components. The six components of health are physical, social, environmental, emotional, spiritual, and mental.

  1. Physical
    • Physical health refers to the way that your body functions. This includes eating right, getting regular exercise, and being at your recommended bodyweight. Physical health is also avoiding drugs and alcohol and being free of disease and sickness.
  2. Social
    • Social health is the quality of your relationships with friends, families, teachers, coworkers, and others you are in contact with.
  3. Environmental
    • Environmental health is keeping your air and water clean, your food safe, and the land around you enjoyable and safe. 
  4. Emotional
    • Emotional health is expressing your emotions in a positive and nondestructive way.
  5. Spiritual
    • Spiritual health is maintaining harmonious relationships with other living things and having spiritual direction and purpose. This includes living according to one's ethics, morals, and values.
  6. Mental
    • Mental health is the ability to recognize and cope with the daily demands of life.

Many components of health can be affected by other components. If one is weak it can affect your overall health. It is unrealistic to have complete wellness all the time. The more healthy behaviors you do the better off you'll be in achieving wellness and optimum health.










Welcome to the 15th edition of our newsletter. Congratulations on making it to a new year. Since the new year has begun we may have resolved to be more tempered, make better decisions, spend less, or exercise more than last year. And since then we may or may not have already faltered on some of our new resolutions. Along with encouraging you, I will ask you to make an investment. Like most smart investments it takes time but it eventually pays off greatly in the end. For 2016 I ask you to invest in your health. While many of us have already made resolutions to exercise more, and this is important, physical health is not the only type of health. Read our feature story to find our more about the 6 types of health and throughout the year we will cover each aspect in depth. Let us work together to make this year better than lasts, for ourselves and the people around us. Have a most incredible year.



SCFS in Action

Working Together


 Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc. (SCFS) collaborated with Western Carolina Community Action, Inc. (WCCA) and Four Square Community Action for their first meeting to discuss how Executive Administrators can better serve their agencies and communities through improved communication and networking opportunities.  The meeting which took place on November 17, 2015 at the WCCA headquarters in Hendersonville, NC covered topics such as peer mentorship, board/staff relations, goal setting, effective employee relations, and preventive crisis management strategies. Mrs. Whitaker is spearheading this initiative and hopes to bring together more community action executives, both new and seasoned, to assist in these efforts while working hand-in-hand with the North Carolina Community Action Association.


From L to R (Tamara Monroe, HR Director - SCFS; Darla Linderman, HR Director - WCCA; Mark Stiles, Executive Director - Four Square Community Action; Ericka J. Whitaker, CEO - SCFS; David White, CEO - WCCA; Justin Staebel, Chief Financial Officer - WCCA; Michael Hudson, Chief Financial Officer, SCFS)








Employee Spotlight


Sarah Shipman


I am Sarah Jones Shipman.

I am the youngest of the late Rev. Henry Jones, Sr. and Estelle Ford Jones twelve children. I am married to Tony Shipman and we have one daughter and two sons. We also have four grandchildren. Two of our children graduated from Mt. Olive Head Start.

        I graduated from Whiteville High School in 1974. I had made plans to attend Fayetteville State University the fall of 1974 but I made the decision to not go. Still realizing the importance of a higher education I enrolled in Southeastern Community College the fall of 1975.In 1977 I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree from Southeastern. I then went on to enroll in Pembroke State University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in 1979.

        After graduating from Pembroke I became a Substitute Teacher and had my two oldest children. My first community action job started in 1983 when I was hired by Sencland Community Action, Inc. as Center Supervisor at Nakina Neighborhood Service Center. When the agency closed in February 1987 I worked as an assistant in Whiteville City School Exceptional Children program. I was then hired by YWCA of Wilmington as a Summer Youth Employment Counselor. In October 1987 I started working at Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc. as Center Supervisor at Iron Hill Neighborhood Center. In 1991 I transferred to the Center Supervisor position at the Whiteville NSC In 1996 I was promoted to the position of Area Coordinator for the CSBG centers in Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus and Pender counties. My job title was later changed to Case Management Field Supervisor. In 2015 I was given the added responsibility of Training Coordinator for the CSBG department. I embraced this challenge determined to do all that I could to help improve the CSBG department.

         I have always wanted to be in the helping profession. Working in community action over 32 years has given me unlimited opportunities to help people. When I first started in community action, our Executive Director looked at me in a staff meeting and stated "Sarah, you will not be able to help everybody, but you will be able to help somebody". At the time I didn't understand why she personated me when she made that statement. I soon realized that she had given me words of wisdom. I know there is still "somebody" that I can help. So I will continue on this journey being one of Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc. "change agents" for our targeted population.





SCFS in Action


A testimony from one of the many we've served


I am Michael Oliver because of Section 8 I am experiencing my first time in my own place.  If it wasn't for Section 8 I would still be living with my mom because I am disabled and my income would not allow me to maintain my own place.  I am so grateful.  I am taking good care of my place.  I testified in church the first week I was in my place that this was the best birthday gift I ever had. Having my own place has changed me, my attitude and made me so grateful.  It's like the McDonald's slogan, "I'm loving it."


Michael Oliver








Just to make you smile....

The doctor said he needed more activity. 

So I hide his T.V. remote three times a week.



Quote of the Month




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