Testimonials – Our Customers Say “Thank You”


csbg-giftcardOn March 30, 2020 the CSBG FESS program provided 77 food cards to Food Lion for the customers that have been affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cards were distributed in all seven counties by staff utilizing the social distancing precautions.  FESS goals of providing emergency food during a crisis were utilized to the fullest during this pandemic and we will continue to support our customers during these uncertain times.  The mission of SCFS “to improve and empower the lives of the people we serve” will continue in the work we do. The customers showed appreciation and have sent in some statements to the staff of the FESS program:

“I wanted to express my appreciation and gratitude for the gift card you and your organization provided for me and my family. It helped me to be able to get the things we needed and relived some of my stress and for that I am very grateful. I appreciate you all.”  S. Shelton

“You are a blessing to me and I am very thankful for what you all do”   – F. Allen

“Thank you so much” -R Coston

“Your assistance with my rent/ and food lion card was a great help ty.” J Kelp

“Mr. Jerry knowing I am currently unable to earn any income made sure I was aware of the food banks in the area. And also made sure my name was submitted to receive the Food Lion gift card.” A. Hooper

“Mr. Jerry Merrick, I’m writing to inform you that the gift card I received yesterday has made a positive impact on the lives of my children and me. I appreciate your help and concerns. You made sure I had the address, appointment time, and even a reminder of the appointment to assure I received the assistance. We are now able to be comfortable knowing we have the sufficient food supplies during this time of displacement due to the coronavirus. You and your team are greatly appreciated by myself and my family.” K.  Ballard

“Mr. Merrick, knowing I have 3 children to take care of, has notified me of the food banks in the area. And also made sure my name was submitted to receive the Food Lion gift card.” A. Rattley

 “For me and my family receiving the food lion card help us out a lot I do not receive Food stamps for my family I just lost my jobs so. But use the food card it allowed me to save the little money I had save for my family and I was able to get other essential thing we need besides food I really appreciate the help in this time of need thank you from my family.” A. Waid

 “Thank you so much for the Food Lion Gift card. I am so grateful for what u do and what you have done for me and my children. During this uncertainty your gratefulness makes this time a lot lighter.” T. Short

 “I loved it I was so happy y’all helped me out a lot thank u so much.” T. Locklear

 “It was a relief to get that phone call saying, it was a food lion card at the office waiting on me to pick up. I was in need an it came right on time thanks again.” Y Wade

 “I am so beyond blessed that i was able to receive the $200 gift card! it was so very helpful in times like this! I appreciate everybody who participated in that, also that i was chosen to receive such a great blessing! it helped me and my son out very much!” W. Hall

“I was excited about receiving the gift card. It came right on time. Just like God!! And thank you so much for all that you do Ms. Beatrice. I really appreciate you.” A Davis

“I cannot thank you for your continued help and support over the past few months with regards to ensuring my family has survived these times. I truly appreciate all the efforts of SCFS in upholding us especially with the COVID-19 situation. Your efforts as our Case Manager shows that truly there are Angel-Organizations like SCFS who are willing to stand by one through the tough times, encouraging us to find a better life and find new ways to be relevant and be there for others. Not to mention the $200.00 Food Lion Gift Card given to our family recently to help us through this COVID-19 period. We were in awe! On behalf of the Omojola Family, I say a heartfelt Thank You. May God Bless SCFS and May God Bless You too!”

 “I was very happy and felt blessed.  Thank you and the agency for doing that.” B. Carrington

“I have received a food voucher card and it help me out a lot with me moving in my new place and me having 3 kids to feed I am really appreciative of Southeastern Community & Family Services for all they do and a special thanks to my case manager Mrs. Shelia Dunlap for everything she has done for me and my family.” K. Ingram

 “Customer stated that her food stamps got cut, and that she was almost out of food, and that the card was given right on time to be able to purchase food for herself and daughter due to the fact she is currently out of work due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Ms. McBryde was really appreciative of the food card and very happy that CSBG was able to do this kind gesture in this difficult time for her family and thanked CSBG for all they do.” J McBryde

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the Food Lion Card from Southeastern Community Services CSBG Department. This was a big help for me having to get food in my home to take care of myself while we are going throw this world spread Pandemic Coronavirus Covid-19 Virus. The food in most stores were gone or low and some of the prices was higher than normal. I’m a diabetic so it was even harder for me to find something to eat that would not make me sick. As a diabetic you can’t just eat anything and you can’t go without food or low amount of food. I didn’t have the money to buy what I needed to have. I again say thank you for stepping in at a time of crisis in America’s Pandemic of Coronavirus Covid -19 virus.” S.W. Autry

 “I am very thankful for the food card. I was able to put food in my fridge and feed my kids” R.Baldwin

“The card helped a lot. The store was stocked I now have a lot of food to eat” B.  Locklear

 “I was trying to figure out how to make ends meet. This card helped me.” Q. Thompson

 “I would like to give many thanks in Jesus name to SCFS, Southeastern Community Family Services, Inc. for assisting me with a gift card from Food Lion. It was right on time because I nearly ran out of food and personal care products. My employer has Furloughed their employees at the moment due to COVID-19. Right now we are all suffering from the AFFECTS of COVID-19. I don’t have to go into detail about how this virus with deadly potential has changed all our lives in the blink of an eye.  Obtaining this gift card helped me ease my monetary burdens. SCFS has proven to be a continuous becan of light during this dark period of time for me. Jesus said, if you want to be great you must be of service to others. I also intend to pay it forward in the future according. Again Thank You for your GREAT service.” A. Green

“Mrs Dunlap, I would like to take this time out and say thank you so very much for the outreach and helping hand. I would like to say I appreciate Southeastern Community and family service for providing the food voucher card at such a time like this, crisis in the land. Due to begin laid off of my job this card has help me and my family provide food for the next 2 weeks. I cannot thank you all enough and everyone that step in and made a difference. Thanks again to all that help make a difference in my family life you are appreciated. Be blessed.” S. Rolland

“The food card voucher has really come on time and helped our family at the most important time when needed during this crisis that’s going on. Southeastern Community & Family Services was there to make sure that their clients got the vouchers necessary for food during our time of need. Thank You.” The Crews Family

“My name is Ms. Ward, the program FESS (Family Empowerment Self Sufficient) help me in this difficult situation, due to COVID 19 shutting down all restaurants as well as other establishments, I became currently unemployed almost 3 weeks ago, along with many others in America. During this difficult and devastating time, the program assisted me and help me with a $200 gift card to Food Lion so that my family and I would not go without food. I greatly appreciate this program and the things they are doing to help families in our community and surrounding communities.”  A.Ward

“I would like to thank you guys so much for that Food lion gift it came at the perfect time with all this stuff going on with the virus my money is very very tight but with that gift card I was at least able to get me and my family some groceries so once again that u so much. Thank You.” C. Simmons

“The card I received on March. Meant so much to me and my family we had just gotten evicted and ran out on our food card. I was able to get much needed food especially with the kids being out of school. I am so grateful for the food card. Thanks again.” S. Kennedy

“Hey, this is Ms. Williams I am pleased to say thank you. The Gift card it was truly a blessing to my family and me. It really helped me being work is slowing down an everything is getting crazy. Once again thank you so much.”

“I cannot explain how much this agency, and the program is helping my family and me.  I also wants to give a special thank you to my Case Manager Regina McLendon, she have taking all the extra steps to keep me informed of all the necessary information that is taking place with the outbreak of the coronavirus.  For Ms. McLendon and Southeastern Community & Family Service to reach out to me about assistance with a food card to help with food during this time was amazing.  When I sign off for the card that is when I realize that, it was for $200.00 I had to hold back the tears.  With case manager like Ms. McLendon and agency like yours this have help me be calmer during this difficult time.  I am so thankful that there is an agency that do not look down on you, but is willing to help you become self-sufficient.  Thanks for all you do to help someone like me. Thank You.” E. Craven

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