Cares Act Funding 2020

Cares Act funding. (Grant for COVID-19). This program is a 24-month program. Applications were received beginning June 1, 2020. We are serving all seven counties

1. Supplemental funds, called CARES NC, specifically targets individuals and families that have income below 200% of the poverty rate and unmet needs because of COVID-19. Funding supports a range of emergency assistance activities including employment, education, health, transportation, housing, and stabilization services among other activities.

2. Applicant cannot have received any services from another agency that has received the Cares Act Funding.

Who to contact:

TeAndrea Hogue, Red Springs, – 910-885-3521

Melinda McKoy, Red Springs, – 910-885-3531

Shelia Dunlap, Lumberton, – 910- 885-3520

If you need assistance at this time, please contact the case managers above. Please download and complete the sign-up form located here. You may email it to one of the case managers above for faster service. Thank you!

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