Southeastern Community & Family Services, Inc. (SCFS), formerly Four-County Community Services, Inc., was incorporated on June 10, 1964, with its stated purposes, … to do all things necessary or proper to aid in improving the education, economic opportunities, living environment and general welfare of the people … ; to study problems involved in improving education, economic opportunities, living environment and general welfare; … to make and recommend programs or projects or activities … toward the solution of such problems … for people of  all ages living in Richmond, Robeson, and Scotland Counties.”

Over the years, SCFS has grown from those original three counties to seven, having dropped Richmond and adding Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Hoke, and Pender Counties. For several years, SCFS served eight counties by providing Weatherization services to New Hanover County until they secured a local operator. SCFS continues to help the disadvantaged to overcome barriers and move above poverty to a more comfortable station in life. To accomplish this goal, SCFS has operated many programs over the years that have been designed by a collaboration among the people it serves, staff, Board of Directors, and other entities within each community.

SCFS was one of the first community action agencies in North Carolina and was nurtured under the caring leadership of O.L. Moore, Jr.  Over the last 50 years, populations have changed as the world has changed.  SCFS has been there through wars, economic recessions, and societal changes.  SCFS currently serves 1,0oo children and their families each year in its 14 Head Start facilities. They also serve close to 350 families each year through a Community Services Block Grant Family Empowerment Self-Sufficiency project.

SCFS continues to build upon its legacy by helping people to help themselves! Our new mission statement adopted for 2017 is: 

“To improve and empower the lives of the families we serve.”

Our new vision statement adopted for 2017 is:

“Everyone overcomes adversity to achieve a sustainable future”

With a new vision and a new purpose, the Board of Directors, Executive Staff, and all employees pledge to work hard each and every day to ensure the mission is completed. Thank you for allowing us to serve.

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